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Training and Development

Mantra Learning delivers competency based qualifications and apprenticeships that are assessed in the workplace. They have been designed to meet the needs of logistics employers and to deliver a tangible return on investment.


Welcome to the dimension of cleaning 4.0!

MMg is an advanced, technological scrubbing machine that makes cleaning intelligent, interactive and easy. The most innovative solutions are used to get the best results and benefits in small and medium areas. The new design provides comfort and safety during use and highligts the product quality.
It is available as a scrubbing and scrubbing-sweeping machine in both basic and Plus versions and as orbital scrubber. Plus versions are equipped with the innovative technology iD-intelligent Drive.

It is versatile, able to work in any environment and in any condition such as in supermarkets warehouses, shopping malls, production sites, swimming pools, gyms, car showrooms and service areas.

MMg perfectly embodies Industry 4.0 principles, for its connectivity, combination of technological innovations, and smart design. The FFM lets MMg communicate with you, anytime you want. Thanks to the iD system the operator can interact in a very different way, through a touchscreen display. Everything becomes as intuitive, fast and easy, as using a smartphone.

Flexi AC StorMAX

Create over 50% more warehouse capacity - integrated sideshifting and telescopic function with SCS.  flexi AC StorMAX works by placing one pallet behind another from a very narrow aisle.

Flexi AC 1000

Lift heights up to 8.5Metres - designed to bring Flexi articulated space saving and handling efficiency to users of all popular pallet types.

Scrubber Dryers

Fimap’s recent success with compact scrubber dryers takes nothing away from our pedigree as a designer and manufacturer of easy to use and robust pedestrian and ride on scrubber dryers suitable for all commercial and industrial applications.

Logistics Operations

Your supervisors and team leaders will be trained to lead and develop others to make warehouse processes smoother, safer and more efficient.

Flexi AC 1200

Flexi forklift trucks work in very narrow aisles (VNA), lift capacity up to 2500kgs, lift heights of over 13 metres.


Fimap believe that out range of internal and external sweepers is amongst the most robust and cost effective range in our sector.

Warehousing and Storage

Your staff will be trained to make warehouse processes smoother, safer and more efficient - driving your business forward.


For logistics warehouses needing fast throughput capability and very narrow aisle storage density, Flexi HiLOAD AC provides the perfect solution.


Ranging from commercial tubs up to ATEX approved in line commercials Fimap offer a comprehensive range of vacuum options which are designed and manufactured in our dedicated vacuum plant.

Traffic Office

Your staff will develop first class organisational and planning skills - vital to the efficiency of your logistics operation.

Flexi AC HiMAX

Specially engineered to combine narrow aisle operation with lift heights demanded by today's logistics industry, Flexi HiMAX features three chassis options - 1250mm, 1350mm or 1400mm depending on the application - plus special rear tyres when required - to provide extra load rating and stability.

Wide Aisle

Wide aisle pallet racking is the most widely used system for storing palletised unit loads.

Single Discs

High quality, robust single discs epitomize Fimap’s scrubbing and burnishing range. With standard, high and ultra high speed variants and belt or nylon/steel gear boxes as options Fimap has a model for all circumstances.

Driving Goods Vehicles

Your drivers will develop first rate driving skills - becoming the only type of driver your business can afford to employ.

Municipal Sweepers

The Ruffo Group has invested significantly in developing it’s first municipal sweeper products. In line with the Groups drive for innovation these sweepers offer class leading collection volumes whilst benefitting from water less sweeping systems.

Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisle pallet racking systems have an aisle width of around 1.6 metres. This can free up to 45% of the floor space given over to aisles in a wide aisle scheme.

Flexi AC VNA

Designed to bring Flexi AC articulated space saving and handling efficiency to existing wire guided VNA warehouses.


Your senior staff will be skilled, properly trained and motivated to succeed in management positions.

Double Deep

Double deep pallet racking stores 2 pallets deep or 4 pallets deep between aisles. It delivers increases storage density when compared to wide aisle and requires specialised fork lift trucks.

Customer Service

Your staff will be prepared to deliver first class customer service - distinguishing your organisation from its competitors.


Drive-in pallet racking is a good solution if storage capacity is a prime requirement of your warehouse.

Crane Systems

The use of special materials handling cranes within a pallet racking system enables the aisle width to be reduced significantly, down to 1300mm in some cases.

Powered Mobile

Powered mobile pallet racking features pallet racking fixed to bases which move electrically.

Empirica Lite

An effective Warehouse Management System for controlling palletised or item stock in small to medium warehouses. It's a non-complex entry-level module, with integral reporting and full traceability, offering essential WMS functionality in an easily usable form. The system can be enhanced by add-on features or upgraded easily to Empirica WMS for an advanced solution.

Empirica WMS

A powerful and flexible solution for large single or multi-site warehouses. It provides highly configurable receipt, despatch and stock management options with reporting and traceability and handles multiple operational variances. It's fully integrated with real time functionality including voice directed, and benefits from a range of extra reporting modules.

Empirica Task-RF

A real time task management and scheduling module which uses wireless mobile computing technology (handheld, vehicle, voice directed) to generate major improvements to work performance in your warehouse. Task-RF can be used with Empirica WMS and Empirica Lite.

Empirica Voice

Uses wireless technology to communicate messages between a WMS and warehouse operatives. User-wearable devices with specialist voice software convert these to voice commands to allow tasks to be performed, while verbal user responses are converted by the voice software into messages sent back to the WMS.

Empirica Enabler

The easy way for existing ERP users to integrate real time technology into their warehouse operation. Enabler converts system instructions to tasks and sends them via wireless to mobile or voice enabled devices so tasks can be executed and confirmed in real time. Enabler needs no complex analysis and will integrate with most systems via its own interface tools.

Empirica EDIS

A mobile delivery information solution which integrates real time data capture with advanced reporting systems. Your delivery personnel use PDA's to record delivery information which updates a host based reporting system. This allows you to manage and monitor delivery activity, provide exception reporting and use real time data to improve performance and customer service.

Empirica Mobile

A development framework for Windows mobile applications. Self contained and hardware independent, it provides what you need to develop and operate mobile applications. Its advanced features manage business logic and communications, with automated data transmission, communications selection and software updating.

Battery XTraction

GNB will provide a turnkey solution to all your battery power management and battery handling needs. Fully powered or assisted manual changing options are available to help you minimise the potential hazards of changing large, heavy motive power batteries. In addition, Battery XTraction systems will maximise the uptime of your fleet as well as reducing the space taken up by the battery changing process.

  • GNB's XTraction cars are the greenest and most efficient on the market helping you to minimise the environmental impact on your business
  • Save up to 50% on carbon emissions using industry approved conversion factors
  • Operational ecomomy that cannot be matched giving up to 50% savings on running costs
  • Significant increase in battery changing speed
  • Greater operator safety and savings on space and labour costs offers the ultimate in remote customised computerised fleet management ensuring optimum utilisation of both fleet and time. The system reduces time consuming visits to remote locations and enables remote identification of faulty batteries.

  • Remote monitoring of up to 500 chargers from a central PC to give maximum control and labour savings
  • Alarm sounds when incorrect battery is taken
  • Prioritised rotation control ensures full and correct utilisation of your fleet which can help to prolong battery life
  • Real cost savings can be made


TENSOR is a unique high power battery giving maximum economic efficiency. Developed specifically for specialised applications, TENSOR is designed to meet the highest performance demands. They are ideal for use in cold store and other heavy duty applications. TENSOR batteries can increase the operating time of materials handling trucks as they have a significantly lower operating temperature which has a positive effect on operational life.

  • Increased performance due to high power density
  • Increased running times due to high energy content and efficient energy recovery
  • Longer operational life due to low operating temperature
  • Higher energy cost savings due to excellent energy efficiency
  • Suitable for fast and opportunity charging

Liberator Silver

Liberator Silver is the perfect solution for distribution with an optimum design which offers operational savings. The unique GNB profile means less energy is required to recharge. Liberator Silver uses tried, tested and proven technology to give you peace of mind. Minimum temperatures maximise battery life, providing optimum performance as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Reduced labour costs - up to 120 days between watering intervals
  • Reduced utility costs - savings on both water and electricity
  • Maximum operational flexibility - no equalising charge required
  • Reduced carbon footprint - from reduced energy costs
  • Excellent battery life - high cyclic durability


The Classic EPzB and EPzS range offer vented, robust lead acid battery technology with liquid electrolyte. The proven tubular plate technology gives highest performance levels and reliability. The Classic range is the ideal means of energy storage for all warehousing applications.

  • Economical, robust and reliable
  • Long cycle life and high energy density
  • Fully insulated and sealed bolted terminals and connectors gives maximum protection
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Recyclable

2100 Chargers

The importance of correct matching of batteries and chargers is of vital importance and GNB can assure you of the optimum in compatibility. The 2100 range of high frequency chargers incorporate the latest concepts and offer reliability, safety, ease of use and optimum charging.

  • HF technology offers very high energy efficiency and small CO2 footprint
  • Small and smart - requires less installation space than convention chargers
  • Easy to use - plain text display
  • Automatic start "plug & play"
  • Provides optimal charging of all GNB battery ranges

Service Engineer - Taunton

There are many reasons why it would benefit you to take out a service contract with GNB Industrial Power. Batteries and chargers are high value assets so it makes good business sense to have them correctly maintained by the experts. This can help to prolong the life of your battery fleets as well as freeing up your staff for other, more profitable duties. Contracts are available for battery inspection, battery cleaning, charger inspection and cleaning and battery topping up.

  • Cost flexibility - contracts can be tailored to your exact needs to enable you to predict budget spend more easily
  • Preventative maintenance - enables potential problems to be identified early on saving you money on costly remedial work
  • Nationwide support - fully in house service force offers consistent levels of service when and where you need it
  • KPI management - GNB have an industry leading first time fix rate and response time
  • Health and Safety - GNB can provide you with on-site health and safety instruction as well as advice on correct maintenance procedures


Hi-Speed Door - the dual purpose external or internal rapid roll Hi-speed door with Crash Protection & Auto-Reset. Unions bestselling all rounder.

Eiger Door™

The Eiger Door™ is a high speed, rapid roll industrial door that has been designed specifically to fit internally on high use openings between chill & freezer areas. Based on Union's market leading Bulldoor™ high speed door, the Eiger Door™ benefits from a fast opening speed of approximately 1.6 metres per second, with an automatic close feature after a short pre-set dwell time, thus reducing the amount of time that the door is left open.

Lion Door™

A small, neat, Union's Lion Door lightweight, rapid roll door with photocell protection for internal openings, ideal for conveyor, personnel, in-store use and ambient or chilled environments.


The Original Crash Proof Industrial Hi-Speed Door with Auto-Reset facility, ideally suited for high volume traffic.


The rugged external rapid roller door with Crash Out Facility, counterweight assisted opening and heavy duty Ramhide door blade.


The idea to develop a new rapid roll door to add to our range came about back in mid-2012 when an existing customer came to us with a specific problem, that problem being they had very small but high use internal conveyor and personnel openings into a chilled area so needed fast acting doors to help maintain the temperatures & reduce energy consumption - but they also wanted to use Union doors!

Portable and desktop printers

Portable printers from Zebra and Avery Dennison Desktop printers from Avery Dennison, Italora, Zebra, and Intermec.

Label Applicators

ALS applicators from Avery Dennison

Print and apply labelling machinery

ALX machines from Avery Dennison LSS machines including pallet labellers

Colour printers

Primera 4" and 8" colour label printers Speedstar - high-speed Memjet label printer Kimoto - flat bed colour printer for all substrates

Labelling software

Nice Label for all label printers and A4 machines Free download via:

Bar coding and 2D coding equipment

Scanning equipment from Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, and Microscan Barcode verification systems from Axicon

RFID equipment

Label printers and automatic machinery from Avery Dennison Read / Write equipment and antennae from Scemtec, Tagitron, and Advanced PanMobil

System software

System software written to order with integration to host packages as required

Single Tier Mezzanine Floors

A single-tier mezzanine floor is a cost efficient means of expanding your warehouse floor area. Instead of relocating your business or extending your premises, you can get the most from your existing building with Redifloor.

Multi Tier Mezzanine Floors

Larger, more spacious warehouses will benefit from a Redifloor multi-tier mezzanine floor installation. Multi-tier mezzanine floor installations can double or treble your available floor space.

Rotoplat 507 PDS

The most popular of pallet wrappers for those customers wrapping various products that require different wrap patterns and different tensions. Power Pre-Stretch of 250% allows this pallet wrapper to reduce film usage and improve pallet stability. This pallet wrapper has 4 programmes with 13 adjustable parameters that can be pre-set and locked (parental control) to stop unwanted altering of settings. The option of 3 tensions in each programme means that this pallet wrapper can wrap empty plastic bottles in one programme and sacks of coal in another with the operator only having to select the programme number and press start. Like all Robopac pallet wrappers this machine is built to the highest standards and is supported by our own engineers.

Robot S6

The S6 Robot perfectly represents ROBOPAC manufacturing philosophy. The Robot was born from a revolutionary idea: the wrapping machine revolves around the load. This approach immediately had a huge impact on the market. Since then the Robot has been renewed, improved and better equipped during 25 years of Robopac's history. This stretch wrapping machine has therefore reached outstanding qualities and reliability levels. The Robot is equipped with the most efficient safety devices and it is the ideal partner for all industrial environments for which logistic versatility is a must. The Robot is able to work in a tight space, it has great battery autonomy and can be easily moved from a load to another: these are some of the qualities that made it the undisputable world leader in the category.

Enershield Air Barrier

CPA manufacturers the Enershield Air Barrier and distributes them for the European and UK market. An Enershield Air Barrier is an innovative energy saving entrance solution for all types of buildings, using an accurate and controlled vertical downward flow of air to produce a 'virtual' door and create up to a 90% seal over an opening. The airflow effectively separates the atmospheres on either side and reduces the transfer of temperature, dust, insects, fumes and odours. Enershield Air Barriers are designed to be unheated and to recirculate existing ambient air. With greatly reduced running costs and improved effectiveness they provide replacement technology for traditional heated 'air curtain' comfort systems, with energy savings of up to 35%.

High Volume, Low Speed Fan

Envira-North Ultra-Air Fan is a high volume, low speed (HVLS) ceiling fan which gently distributes the heat trapped at the ceiling back down to occupied levels, equalising the air temperature between floor and roof level. Operating solo or accompanying an Enershield Air Barrier, HVLS fans are key to meeting thermal comfort requirements in any building. These fans not only provide destratification during the heating season but also benefit the user during the summer when ambient temperature rises; the fan speed can be increased to provide a breeze like cooling effect.

Benefits of the Envira-North Ultra-Air Fan

  • Quiet, efficient operation, no annoying high speed circulating or exhaust fans
  • Virtually maintenance free (recommended inspection every 20,000 hours)
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Greatly reduces the "recovery" time when overhead doors are open with a constant air flow throughout the space
  • Provides a constant, even temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall
  • Will minimise the need for expensive duct work in new construction for both heating and air conditioning systems
  • A comfortable workplace environment increases productivity and decreases absenteeism

Carton Versi Flow

Interroll Carton Versi Flow offers an ideal solution to create a quick, easy and economical installation in order to optimise on storage space and order processing. This versatile modular wheel system, supplied in pre-assembled beds, is designed to simply and quickly convert most pallet rack structures into dynamic, versatile carton flow storage.

Carton Wheel Flow

It doesn’t matter whether you want to feed fast movers in trays, cartons or hard plastic totes to the stock-picking zone in a First-In-First-Out configuration, Interroll’s Carton Wheel Flow system offers a wide range of configurations and components to implement most storage systems and can be used in conjunction with conveyors, automatic stacker cranes - or to support a "Pick to Light" system.

Pallet Roller Flow - FIFO

The new Pallet Roller Flow system incorporates innovative technology and provides even greater safety for operatives and a high quality FIFO (First-In-First-Out) live storage system that offers flexibility and efficiency in warehousing. Interroll roller modules are compatible with all world wide racking systems and offer the possibility to store a wide range of pallets sizes and weights, including Euro pallets, CHEP pallets, plastic pallets and metallic containers, etc. with high throughput.

Cart Pushback - LIFO

The Interroll Cart Pushback system is easy to use and designed for storing pallets and containers on heavy-duty carts equipped with wheels, in LIFO (Last-In-Last-Out) configuration. During loading, the pallet to be loaded pushes any other pallets already stored in the lane towards the back and the forklift truck driver does not need to enter the storage lanes to store or access product.

Roller Pushback - LIFO

The Roller Pushback system allows the storage of pallets in LIFO configuration (Last-In-First-Out). Roller Pushback solutions are available from 2 to 9 pallet places deep. The entry/exit module is equipped with speed controllers so that the speed of pallets is always under control. Contrary to the Cart Pushback system, Roller Pushback allows the pallets to be stored lengthwise (depth of 1,200mm).

Location Labels

We have a complete range of durable location labels to suit all manufacturers' types of racking and shelving.

The range of warehouse location labels cover all environments from ambient environments through to cold stores and are all designed, manufactured and installed by our trained staff in the UK.

Floor Marking

ASG Services are market leaders in internal line marking, providing a host of varying grades and methods of line marking products to suit floor designs and durability requirements.

Our Warehouse line marking solutions are both incredibly durable and smarter than any other durable solution available.

Block Stack Solutions

We offer a wide range of block stack identification solutions including, floor location labels, embedded floor labels and tags, hanging signs and barcodes, bus-stop signs and self adhesive floor labels.

As a specialist in warehouse identification, ASG Services design and produce products in-house for customers with specific requirement

Label Holders

Ability to adapt to customer needs is crucial in providing the best customer service possible. We go that extra mile to provide ancillary products such as plastic label holders or ticket holders to be fixed to shelving or racking.

Safety Barriers

Warehouse safety barriers provide vital protection for pedestrians working in busy storage facilities.

Barriers provide protection but more importantly they provide a highly visual means of display which signals to a driver to keep away.

Safety Signs

We manufacture a range of bespoke internal and external warehouse safety signs for use in a wide area of applications in and around your building.

All warehouse signs can be designed new or developed utilising existing artwork from materials for a variety of applications for short, medium or long term life spans.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is the most common system for storing pallets and it is very adaptable when it comes to lay out, goods type or handling equipment.

We manufacture an extensive range of components that can be configured to create your tailored solution.

From classic wide aisle racking to Drive-in or semi automated pallet shuttle, our range can be configured to achieve an optimum solution specially designed for your processes.


Our modular, adjustable HI280 Shelving System is based on a range of standard sized uprights and shelves made from high-grade pre-galvanized steel. These can be assembled in numerous ways.

Using components with a wide selection of dimensions, accessory parts and a range of plastic storage bins, our system offers a comprehensive solution for your small parts storage or picking area.

The HI280 shelving system has a build height of up to 12m, shelf widths of up to 2.5m and depths of up to 1m, making it extremely adjustable and suitable for whatever storage requirements you might have – now or in the future.

From single bays of shelving to mobile shelving or multi-tier installations with integral mezzanine floors, the HI280 shelving system is easy to install and even easier to adapt and adjust.

Longspan Shelving

Our Longspan Shelving system is designed for larger or oddly shaped goods. With fewer uprights and longer shelves than traditional shelving systems, the Longspan shelving system provides greater flexibility in order to fit the goods onto the shelving. Thereby utilising your space better.

Robust and made of epoxy painted steel, our Longspan shelving incorporates a wide range of beams and frames, making it simple to customise an installation to meet your exact needs.

A full range of accessories is available to extend the versatility of the Longspan system still further and since the system is quickly and easily assembled, you could have a new storage solution in no time.

Mezzanine Floors

Dexion mezzanine flooring allows for a cost efficient creation of extra floor space in existing buildings. The uprights and beams of the Dexion system can be built into some of the largest heavy duty floors.

Completed with a high quality stairway, strong railings and pallet gates a Dexion mezzanine floor can be an economical solution when compared to concrete construction.

Full range

For a complete idea of all our storage solutions please visit our website via the link below.

Telescopic Boom Conveyors

Whatever your vehicle loading requirements, Sovex can tailor a solution to suit you. Whether fixed or mobile or with optional extras we can satisfy your bespoke requirements.  You may want a specialist lighting package to help with the night shift, an operator platform on the front boom or integration into an existing system. Whatever your challenge we have the answer,  

  • Award-Winning Bendy Boom
  • Belt Vehicle Loaders
  • Roller Vehicle Loaders
  • Mobile Vehicle Loaders
  • Van Loaders
  • Options and bespoke elements to find a solution to your challenge. 

Pedestrian +3 iFlex Barrier

The Pedestrian +3 iFlex Barrier will segregate personnel from workplace vehicles, clearly create and define walkways and help organise a facility for maximum productivity.

RackEnd iFlex Barrier

Made from a flexible, impact-absorbent polymer blend, RackEnd iFlex Barrier protects the ends of racking aisles where turning vehicles and equipment can often impact vulnerable rack legs.


Protecting your rack legs is a logistical priority and the iFlex Rackguard is the next generation of racking protection.

Scientifically developed by A-SAFE's in-house Research & Development department, the design improves on an already world-leading product. Quite simply, the iFlex RackGuard is on another level from anything else that protects rack legs.

Swing Gate

Made from a flexible polymer blend, A-SAFE's Swing Gate is essential for providing access points when used with walkways and as part of an integrated traffic management system.

The hydraulic swing mechanism is smooth to operate with fixed stop positions at 0°, +90° and -90°.

Traffic Double Rail iFlex Barrier

The Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barrier is a robust product ideal for use in areas where high energy impacts are a possibility.

The strong double rail design is capable of absorbing and dissipating impact forces from large workplace vehicles such as heavy duty forklift trucks, protecting personnel, equipment, floors, structures and the vehicles themselves in the process.


The TS7000 truck mounted terminal offers high end mobile computing performance within an ergonomic, compact and robust design. Offering the highest level of automation, it is the ideal industrial terminal for warehouse and logistics based vehicle mount and fork lift truck applications.


The TS8000 integrates feature rich functionality into a well-balanced and lightweight design. The dynamic data collection capabilities of the high resolution barcode readers, high performance colour 3M pixel camera and rugged touchscreen, combine to provide startling productivity and efficiency gains for all supply chain scenarios.

Atlas iFlex Barrier

Originally developed in consultation with Heathrow Airport, the Atlas iFlex Barrier has been designed to meet – and go beyond – stringent airport safety and protection standards.

The unrivalled qualities offered by the products in the A-SAFE Airport Barrier range make them ideal for protecting vulnerable airport equipment or structures from damage from vehicles. 

Installing A-SAFE Atlas iFlex Barriers offers large-scale savings in maintenance, manpower and downtime, as damage repairs or need for replacement barriers are dramatically reduced.

Column Guard +3

Based on the successful A-SAFE Pedestrian Barrier product, the Column Guard +3 is suitable for protection of columns of any size, with any section shape - square, rectangular, circular or irregular.

The guards can be supplied as two or three sided units to provide protection for columns located at the corner of two walls or in front of walls.

The flexible products can be supplied to a specific height with the requisite number of rails to provide protection to suit the size of vehicles and loads that are operating near the columns. Bright and easy to spot, they are designed to be easily and quickly installed and to reduce impact damage and the associated maintenance, repair or replacement costs.

Column Guard Traffic+

The Column Guard Traffic+ offers advanced protection capabilities for columns or other integral parts of a building's structure.

As our entire range is modular, these pieces integrate perfectly to form a safe and robust barrier that fits round a column, guarding it from accidents.

The rails are set apart from the column so that, if they are impacted, the impact energies do not reach the column.

Like all A-SAFE products their high visibility alone is often enough to prevent costly damage.

High Level iFlex Barrier (with roof)

The High Level iFlex Barrier with roof is available as an additional feature to any High Level iFlex product, such as High Level +7, High Level Traffic +6 and High Level Double Traffic +5 Barriers.

The roof offers extra protection for people and property on workplace walkways against the toppling of stacked goods.

The rails will guide, protect, organise and segregate personnel, while the roofs ensure high level protection on the pedestrian walkways.

Micro Double-Rail iFlex Barrier

The Micro Double-Rail iFlex Barrier protects walls, structures and machinery from workplace equipment such as hand pallets.

Although these impacts are unlikely to be catastrophic, the barrier protects against the continual wear-and-tear of frequent low energy impacts that, over time, degrade safety. The double rail system protects at both near-ground level and low level heights.

Tested and independently verified by TÜV, all A-SAFE barriers come with the reassurance of being the strongest, most innovative products from the global industry leaders.

"The safety of our people is the main goal for the Nestlé Company worldwide. For the group, one accident is too many. A-SAFE brought us tailor-made solutions that can be adapted to each specific case in our factories. In addition to how well the barriers perform, the savings in barriers and warehouse protection maintenance costs has dropped dramatically. Even if each factory case is really different, A-SAFE has been able to adapt, and work closely with our people."
Regional Supply Chain Director

Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier

The Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier will protect property from low energy impacts at close to floor level.

While impacts like these on equipment are unlikely to be catastrophic, the gradual wear-and-tear will, over time, cause quality and safety to degrade.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and with no need for repainting, the Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier will offer protection and organisation while saving large costs on maintenance.

Micro iFlex Barrier

The Micro iFlex Barrier protects walls, structures and machinery from workplace equipment such as hand pallets.

Although these impacts are unlikely to be catastrophic, the barrier protects against the continual wear-and-tear of frequent low energy impacts that, over time, degrade safety.

Tested and independently verified by TÜV, all A-SAFE barriers come with the reassurance of being the strongest, most innovative products from the global industry leaders.

Pedestrian +4 iFlex Barrier

The four rail version Pedestrian Barrier adds better visibility, improved protection and superior guidance for pedestrians.

The multiple rails stand-out as a visual hazard warning, while the low to high level rails offer advanced protection and guidance for personnel, as well as segregation from workplace vehicles and equipment.

Available to fit any requirements, the Pedestrian +4 is a straighforward choice for those seeking extra guidance and vivid people/vehicle segregation in the workplace.

Pedestrian Handrail +2 iFlex Barrier

The Pedestrian Handrail +2 iFlex Barrier will segregate pedestrians from workplace vehicles such as forklift trucks, clearly define pedestrian walkways and help organise and streamline a facility.

The modular barrier system is highly visible to assist vehicle operators and can be used in conjunction with other A-SAFE products such as Swing Gates,Slide GatesSign Boards and Kerb Barriers.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and with no need for repainting, A-SAFE barriers create huge maintenance savings and offer a permanent return on investment.

RackEnd Double-Rail iFlex Barrier

Made from a flexible, impact-absorbent polymer blend, A-SAFE’s RackEnd Double-Rail iFlex Barrier protects the ends of racking aisles at two low level impact heights in areas where turning vehicles and equipment can often impact vulnerable rack legs.

In-built modularity assists install and repairs and the high-visibility properties of the barriers make prevention of accidents a priority.

Innovative spinning collars deflect impacts, dissipate the impact forces and prevent damaging energies from reaching the floor and fixings.

Traffic Double-Rail+ iFlex Barrier

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts from heavy duty workplace traffic, the Traffic Double Rail+ iFlex Barrier is a multi-functional product, which combines extremely strong barrier protection with handrail guidance and pedestrian/vehicle segregation.

Ideal for use in critical areas where pedestrians and workplace vehicles are mobile, the product is fully independently-tested, with in-built modularity assisting easy install and quick repairs and multi-directional posts allowing the system to fit more economically into any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

New hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive environments and the non-scratch, non-corrosive, non-repaint properties of the system create huge costs savings on maintenance, downtime and manpower.

The high-visibility Traffic Double Rail+ iFlex Barrier will protect, organise and streamline a facility, optimise productivity and make prevention of accidents a priority

Traffic High Level iFlex Barrier

The Traffic High Level iFlex Barrier offers robust protection at 560mm overall height to protect against vehicles and equipment which operate at a similar height.

This fully modular system can be used with Bollards and Pedestrian Rail products for a fully-integrated traffic management and protection system.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and non-repaint, these properties save companies large amounts on manpower, downtime and maintenance. Include the flexible, reformative nature of the barrier, which prevents floor damage, and you have a health and safety investment that offers a fast and enduring return on investment.

Traffic iFlex Barrier

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts at low-levels from vehicles such as counterbalance forklift trucks, the Traffic iFlex Barrier is designed with the standard wheel arch impact height in mind. Highly-visible, resilient and low maintenance, the barrier will protect vehicles and machinery and segregate pedestrians from workplace traffic.

An in-built modularity assists easy install and quick repairs and multi-directional posts allow the system to fit more economically into any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

New hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive environments and the non-scratch, non-corrosive, non-repaint properties of the system create huge costs savings on maintenance, downtime and manpower.

The high-visibility barriers will organise and streamline a facility, optimise productivity and make prevention of accidents a priority.

Armco Barrier

The common myth about Armco is that it is a certain strength barrier which can't be bettered. In actual fact, 'Armco' was merely a brand name, and could be applied to even the weakest steel barrier - misleading some people who may have thought they'd purchased the industry leader.

A-SAFE's Armco Barrier is a heavy duty barrier that protects against impact from large workplace vehicles and forklift trucks. It's a product that comes in traditional grey, rather than A-SAFE's usual yellow and, unlike steel barriers, flexes upon impact so it does not tear up from the floor.

Over a five year period the carbon footprint of 100m of A-SAFE Armco Barrier is 4.5X less than the carbon footprint of an equal length steel Armco barrier.

Armco Double-Rail Barrier

The fully-modular Armco Double-Rail Barrier is a stronger version of the Single Rail product, offering heavy duty protection for all kinds of workplaces, including factories, warehouses and car parks.

As standard, the product post centres are 1,600mm but this can be varied between 850mm - 2,000mm to allow sections to be assembled to any required length. The product has an overall height of 760mm with the two horizontal rails having impact height centres of 300mm and 660mm.

Like the Single Rail version the Armco Double-Rail Barrier can be fitted with Bollard End Post assemblies for improved impact protection at the ends of a barrier section and also to allow the barrier to change direction without leaving barrier ends exposed to impacts.

Atlas Mast & Column Protector

The Atlas Barrier polygons provide heavy duty impact protection and are designed to protect airport floodlight towers, masts and columns.

Key airport structures such as masts, columns and floodlights should be fully protected against airside vehicles that may otherwise inflict impact damage and cause costly periods of down-time.

The Atlas Mast & Column Protector is not just flexible in its performance, it's also flexible in its construction and can be manufactured to any appropriate shape to protect a mast from all sides.

Atlas Triangle

The Atlas Triangle Barrier provides heavy-duty impact protection and was designed primarily for protection of baggage hall entrance and exit doorways by funnelling vehicles through doorway openings.

All six posts are fitted with 225mm OD rotating wear collars to provide enhanced impact absorption and deflection properties. The two horizontal side rails have impact height centres of 310mm and 660mm.

The Atlas Triangle Barrier's strength and rigidity comes from the equilateral triangular shape. A triangle is the only shape that cannot be deformed without changing the length of one of its sides. As the side lengths of the Atlas Triangle are fixed it cannot be easily or readily deformed, even under impact conditions.


Like the Atlas Barrier, the Atlas+ can be used internally or externally and is able to withstand forceful impact from airport vehicles.

This version of the barrier comes complete with the Hand Rail attachment, which makes it ideal for pedestrian/vehicle segregation, while also providing guidance and walkways for pedestrians in airside areas. Spinning collars are included to allow the force of any vehicle impact to deflect away.


Bollards are implemented in many different workplaces and are used extensively in industrial, commercial, public and car park environments. 

Bollards are normally used to protect structures, prevent unauthorised or unsafe access or for vehicle and pedestrian guidance. They can be installed in situations where they need to protect against vehicle impact, prevent impact damage or where they simply need to provide a physical presence for access or guidance control.

A-SAFE produce a number of strengths of flexible bollard, with varying appearances for differing benefits. We also manufacture a hooped bollard, which comes in a range of colours. These are highly-visible so vehicle drivers and pedestrians can easily see where they are permitted, or not permitted, to go.

A-SAFE Bollards provide high impact resistance in situations where vehicles are present.

Car Park Barrier

A-SAFE's flexible Car Park Barriers are excellent options for new or refurbished car parks and offer greater benefits than traditional steel barriers.

A-SAFE barriers will not damage a car if they are bumped and will not fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight as they are UV-resistant and have an incredibly high ignition point.

Vitally, A-SAFE Car Park Barriers are modular which mean they can be efficiently used in conjunction with a number of other A-SAFE barriers such asBollards and Pedestrian Barriers.

The standard colour for Car Park Barrier is grey, but we can accommodate all colours to help assist with the different aesthetics of contemporary car park design.

Available with anti-climb meshing and column-mounted versions, A-SAFE can provide a total solution for your modern car park safety.

Dock Roller

The Dock Roller from A-SAFE is the best and most revolutionary loading dock protection on the market.

Developed to give you the ultimate in protection and cost-savings from damage by HGVs, it works differently than standard dock buffers, in that you don't get friction or wear on the product and your structure takes a lot less impact using the roller system.

The Dock Roller has a high impact polymer outer and a shock absorbing inner layer. When parked vehicles move, due to the change in loading weight, the rollers ‘move’ too. Therefore the product doesn't get damaged by friction like other dock bumpers and lessens the chance of repair costs and structural damage.

Height Restrictor

Height Restrictors are part of the door protection product range and have two main functions: doorway opening edge protection and height restriction for prevention of high-level impact damage.

Where there is a risk of high level impact with overhead pipe bridges, cable trays, air or gas supply lines, ventilation ducts from high vehicles, high vehicle loads or fork lift truck masts the Height Restrictors will prevent disruptive and expensive impact damage, as well as warning a vehicle driver that his vehicle or load is too high.

At A-SAFE we are able to manufacture these to a range of heights and they are highly visible to vehicle drivers. The curved edges help to deflect impact away from the building structure. Where doorways are fitted with roller shutter doors the height restrictors ensure that the roller shutter door channels at the doorway sides and the closed door itself at the top of the doorway are protected against costly damage that can be caused by vehicle or load impacts.

Kerb Barrier

Kerb Barrier is a floor mounted product that has a low centre of gravity, enabling it to stop workplace vehicles hitting goods or machinery.  

The vehicle kerb defines the edges of traffic routes to prevent vehicles straying and withstands the shallow angular impacts that some vehicles can cause. 

Giving floor level protection, the Kerb Barriers reduce the maintenance and repair costs associated with impact damage that can be caused to walls, structures and equipment. 

Lift Gate

Our Lift Gate is a great solution where a large gate is needed, but where there isn't enough space to install a Swing Gate.

Originally a bespoke product, the gate proved to be so successful it quickly became part of our standard range and is ideal for environments where large vehicles operate and segregation is needed.

The Lift Gate complements other A-SAFE products and is an ideal fit where a Swing Gate may cause an obstruction, or there simply isn't enough room.

Sign Boards

In any industrial workplace busy pedestrian areas are always important as they usually carry safety warnings and instructions, especially where there is segregation between traffic and pedestrians. 

A-SAFE can create integrated signboards for our safety barrier systems; the most common being HandrailsPedestrian Barriers and Traffic Barrier Plus. Upright arms ensure any type of signage can be carried.

Slide Gate

Slide Gates are mainly used with Pedestrian Barriers but are compatible with most barrier systems by using an interface post. They can also be used as a stand-alone gate.

The gates are ideal for light vehicle access and the standard sizes are 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm although any size is available up to 2,000mm. They can be installed in pairs to give openings to a maximum of 4,000mm. Monkey tail bolts can be used to secure gates in an open or closed position. Gate locks are also available.

Choosing a Slide Gate eliminates the problem of a larger gate swinging into an area of vehicle activity. The gates can also be fitted seamlessly into a run ofA-SAFE Pedestrian Barriers.

Slider Base Plates

Slider base plates allow runs of iFlex barrier to be removed for access purposes.

By only fixing the cast steel base plates to the floor, rather than the barriers, the barriers themselves are able to slide out of position.

This method means areas where access is required, but protection for expensive equipment or vital structures is essential, can still be easily entered whilst retaining their protected properties.

Slider base plates come in two sizes, to fit A-SAFE Pedestrian and Traffic barriers.

Traffic Ground Level Barrier

The Traffic Ground Level Barrier will offer robust protection at close to ground level.

It is designed with forklift forks in mind and is the ideal way to avoid unnecessary damage to your workplace structures. 

A neat and tidy barrier that is highly visible and modular, it will deflect light knocks away from the application it is protecting without becoming damaged.

Trailer Plate

The Trailer Plate from A-SAFE offers a cost effective solution to warehouse yard repairs caused by the constant movement of trailer support legs.

If your concrete is degrading, or you simply want to protect the floor in your yard or dock area, A-SAFE Trailer Plates are your solution. 

A-SAFE Trailer Plates are available in two sizes and are produced from MemaplexTM, meaning that they are extremely tough, don’t rust or corrode and can be either surface-mounted or recessed. By protecting your concrete, you're protecting your bank balance too by avoiding unnecessary repairs caused by gradual damage over time.



The TruckStop is our latest vehicle stopper, specially designed for use with HGVs and other large vehicles.

It prevents vehicle drivers backing up beyond designated stop points and safely brings them to a halt. Five fixings per unit ensure secure fastening on both concrete and tarmac. TruckStop is made from recycled rubber in the UK by A-SAFE.

Tough, durable and cushioning, TruckStop's high visibility markings mean that it can be clearly seen by drivers and pedestrians.

Wall Buffer

In areas where vehicles are mainly propelled by hand or are powered and operated by pedestrians, impacts with walls, structural surfaces, machinery or goods can easily happen. 

These impacts are unlikely to cause severe damage but can leave dents, scratches or scuff marks on surfaces, cause equipment to break down or require replacement of stock. These impacts have repair or replacement costs which add up over time.

The length of A-SAFE's Wall Buffer can easily be adapted to fit any space. It's durable, resilient and highly visible. Wall Buffers only take up a small surface area as, in many instances, there are space or width limitations in the areas or locations where they are used. Wall Buffers are a cost effective way of maintaining the appearance of structures and surfaces and are easily cleaned to remove signs of impact.

Wheel Guide

This Wheel Guide is a perfect fit for low level protection and works as a guide for trucks and vehicles towards loading bay doors. 

A-SAFE manufacture this from a single 200mm rail with an impact height of 112mm. The product's standard post centres are 1.6m and it has an overall height of 212mm. 

The barrier offers guidance for vehicles that need to line up to a doorway or opening. Tough, durable and flexible - when these barriers are impacted they don't buckle or dent but absorb the impact forces and simply reform to their original shape.

Microtrak Evolution Access Control Software

Evolution software is an integrated access control solution that has been designed to satisfy the complex security needs of the most demanding organisations

Flexi AC PiCK

The FlexiPiCK is ideal for building mixed pallet loads and is suited for handling and picking layers of product from palletised loads and assembling full pallets of mixed product.

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