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Aetna UK is based in Oakley, England and our team cover sales in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, selling both semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines, as well as machines for shrink wrapping and cartoning. Our customers represent a broad range of industries and our team has the experience to offer support to all of our customers. Complementing our sales team we have an established network of Agents and Distributors across the UK and Ireland.

Our Bedford office, showroom and warehouse has the facilities to store semi-automatic machines allowing us to offer an 'off the rack' service. Our showroom permanently displays a range of machines giving us the ability to demonstrate our machines to visiting customers. As well as a stock of machines we have a wide range of spares in stock allowing us to supply parts to our customers quickly, often with a next day service. We offer our customers the option of delivery, installation and training using our dedicated delivery team. These services are complemented by our team of engineers, who have a wealth of experience both mechanically and electronically, and are available to address any issues with machines 24/7, offering both on and off site support.

Rotoplat 507 PDS

The most popular of pallet wrappers for those customers wrapping various products that require different wrap patterns and different tensions. Power Pre-Stretch of 250% allows this pallet wrapper to reduce film usage and improve pallet stability. This pallet wrapper has 4 programmes with 13 adjustable parameters that can be pre-set and locked (parental control) to stop unwanted altering of settings. The option of 3 tensions in each programme means that this pallet wrapper can wrap empty plastic bottles in one programme and sacks of coal in another with the operator only having to select the programme number and press start. Like all Robopac pallet wrappers this machine is built to the highest standards and is supported by our own engineers.

Robot S6

The S6 Robot perfectly represents ROBOPAC manufacturing philosophy. The Robot was born from a revolutionary idea: the wrapping machine revolves around the load. This approach immediately had a huge impact on the market. Since then the Robot has been renewed, improved and better equipped during 25 years of Robopac's history. This stretch wrapping machine has therefore reached outstanding qualities and reliability levels. The Robot is equipped with the most efficient safety devices and it is the ideal partner for all industrial environments for which logistic versatility is a must. The Robot is able to work in a tight space, it has great battery autonomy and can be easily moved from a load to another: these are some of the qualities that made it the undisputable world leader in the category.

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