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When A-SAFE invented the world’s first flexible, polymer-based barrier in 2001 it transformed barrier protection in the industrial workplace.

The core properties of A-SAFE barriers in 2001 remain in place today – on impact from a workplace vehicle, A-SAFE barriers flex, absorb impact forces, then reform to their original state. This principle alone saves companies vast amounts on replacement barriers, manpower and downtime, but add the ultra-low maintenance properties of the polymer (MemaplexTM) – no repainting, non-scratch, non-corrosive, no substrate repairs – the return on investment is increased even further, and is fast and permanent.

In 2016, A-SAFE launched the iFlex barrier range, making posts 400% stronger and rails 60% stronger and longer, creating a safer, more economical system. A built-in modularity gives customers ultimate flexibility, allowing barriers to move or adapt as a facility changes. Hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive manufacturing industries such as food and drink or pharmaceutical. A multi-directional capability allows the barriers to fit better and more economically in to any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

These new innovations strengthen A-SAFE’s commitment to permanently protect people, property, profits and performance.

2014 A-SAFE won the Queen’s Award for International Trade

2015 A-SAFE won the iF Award for innovation for the iFlex RackGuard

2015 A-SAFE were placed #33rd in The Sunday Times Top 100 of the fastest growing UK SME exporters

2016 The iFlex barrier range won the iF Award in the Industry/Skilled Trades category

Pedestrian +3 iFlex Barrier

The Pedestrian +3 iFlex Barrier will segregate personnel from workplace vehicles, clearly create and define walkways and help organise a facility for maximum productivity.

RackEnd iFlex Barrier

Made from a flexible, impact-absorbent polymer blend, RackEnd iFlex Barrier protects the ends of racking aisles where turning vehicles and equipment can often impact vulnerable rack legs.


Protecting your rack legs is a logistical priority and the iFlex Rackguard is the next generation of racking protection.

Scientifically developed by A-SAFE's in-house Research & Development department, the design improves on an already world-leading product. Quite simply, the iFlex RackGuard is on another level from anything else that protects rack legs.

Swing Gate

Made from a flexible polymer blend, A-SAFE's Swing Gate is essential for providing access points when used with walkways and as part of an integrated traffic management system.

The hydraulic swing mechanism is smooth to operate with fixed stop positions at 0°, +90° and -90°.

Traffic Double Rail iFlex Barrier

The Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barrier is a robust product ideal for use in areas where high energy impacts are a possibility.

The strong double rail design is capable of absorbing and dissipating impact forces from large workplace vehicles such as heavy duty forklift trucks, protecting personnel, equipment, floors, structures and the vehicles themselves in the process.

Atlas iFlex Barrier

Originally developed in consultation with Heathrow Airport, the Atlas iFlex Barrier has been designed to meet – and go beyond – stringent airport safety and protection standards.

The unrivalled qualities offered by the products in the A-SAFE Airport Barrier range make them ideal for protecting vulnerable airport equipment or structures from damage from vehicles. 

Installing A-SAFE Atlas iFlex Barriers offers large-scale savings in maintenance, manpower and downtime, as damage repairs or need for replacement barriers are dramatically reduced.

Column Guard +3

Based on the successful A-SAFE Pedestrian Barrier product, the Column Guard +3 is suitable for protection of columns of any size, with any section shape - square, rectangular, circular or irregular.

The guards can be supplied as two or three sided units to provide protection for columns located at the corner of two walls or in front of walls.

The flexible products can be supplied to a specific height with the requisite number of rails to provide protection to suit the size of vehicles and loads that are operating near the columns. Bright and easy to spot, they are designed to be easily and quickly installed and to reduce impact damage and the associated maintenance, repair or replacement costs.

Column Guard Traffic+

The Column Guard Traffic+ offers advanced protection capabilities for columns or other integral parts of a building's structure.

As our entire range is modular, these pieces integrate perfectly to form a safe and robust barrier that fits round a column, guarding it from accidents.

The rails are set apart from the column so that, if they are impacted, the impact energies do not reach the column.

Like all A-SAFE products their high visibility alone is often enough to prevent costly damage.

High Level iFlex Barrier (with roof)

The High Level iFlex Barrier with roof is available as an additional feature to any High Level iFlex product, such as High Level +7, High Level Traffic +6 and High Level Double Traffic +5 Barriers.

The roof offers extra protection for people and property on workplace walkways against the toppling of stacked goods.

The rails will guide, protect, organise and segregate personnel, while the roofs ensure high level protection on the pedestrian walkways.

Micro Double-Rail iFlex Barrier

The Micro Double-Rail iFlex Barrier protects walls, structures and machinery from workplace equipment such as hand pallets.

Although these impacts are unlikely to be catastrophic, the barrier protects against the continual wear-and-tear of frequent low energy impacts that, over time, degrade safety. The double rail system protects at both near-ground level and low level heights.

Tested and independently verified by TÜV, all A-SAFE barriers come with the reassurance of being the strongest, most innovative products from the global industry leaders.

"The safety of our people is the main goal for the Nestlé Company worldwide. For the group, one accident is too many. A-SAFE brought us tailor-made solutions that can be adapted to each specific case in our factories. In addition to how well the barriers perform, the savings in barriers and warehouse protection maintenance costs has dropped dramatically. Even if each factory case is really different, A-SAFE has been able to adapt, and work closely with our people."
Regional Supply Chain Director

Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier

The Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier will protect property from low energy impacts at close to floor level.

While impacts like these on equipment are unlikely to be catastrophic, the gradual wear-and-tear will, over time, cause quality and safety to degrade.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and with no need for repainting, the Micro Ground Level iFlex Barrier will offer protection and organisation while saving large costs on maintenance.

Micro iFlex Barrier

The Micro iFlex Barrier protects walls, structures and machinery from workplace equipment such as hand pallets.

Although these impacts are unlikely to be catastrophic, the barrier protects against the continual wear-and-tear of frequent low energy impacts that, over time, degrade safety.

Tested and independently verified by TÜV, all A-SAFE barriers come with the reassurance of being the strongest, most innovative products from the global industry leaders.

Pedestrian +4 iFlex Barrier

The four rail version Pedestrian Barrier adds better visibility, improved protection and superior guidance for pedestrians.

The multiple rails stand-out as a visual hazard warning, while the low to high level rails offer advanced protection and guidance for personnel, as well as segregation from workplace vehicles and equipment.

Available to fit any requirements, the Pedestrian +4 is a straighforward choice for those seeking extra guidance and vivid people/vehicle segregation in the workplace.

Pedestrian Handrail +2 iFlex Barrier

The Pedestrian Handrail +2 iFlex Barrier will segregate pedestrians from workplace vehicles such as forklift trucks, clearly define pedestrian walkways and help organise and streamline a facility.

The modular barrier system is highly visible to assist vehicle operators and can be used in conjunction with other A-SAFE products such as Swing Gates,Slide GatesSign Boards and Kerb Barriers.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and with no need for repainting, A-SAFE barriers create huge maintenance savings and offer a permanent return on investment.

RackEnd Double-Rail iFlex Barrier

Made from a flexible, impact-absorbent polymer blend, A-SAFE’s RackEnd Double-Rail iFlex Barrier protects the ends of racking aisles at two low level impact heights in areas where turning vehicles and equipment can often impact vulnerable rack legs.

In-built modularity assists install and repairs and the high-visibility properties of the barriers make prevention of accidents a priority.

Innovative spinning collars deflect impacts, dissipate the impact forces and prevent damaging energies from reaching the floor and fixings.

Traffic Double-Rail+ iFlex Barrier

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts from heavy duty workplace traffic, the Traffic Double Rail+ iFlex Barrier is a multi-functional product, which combines extremely strong barrier protection with handrail guidance and pedestrian/vehicle segregation.

Ideal for use in critical areas where pedestrians and workplace vehicles are mobile, the product is fully independently-tested, with in-built modularity assisting easy install and quick repairs and multi-directional posts allowing the system to fit more economically into any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

New hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive environments and the non-scratch, non-corrosive, non-repaint properties of the system create huge costs savings on maintenance, downtime and manpower.

The high-visibility Traffic Double Rail+ iFlex Barrier will protect, organise and streamline a facility, optimise productivity and make prevention of accidents a priority

Traffic High Level iFlex Barrier

The Traffic High Level iFlex Barrier offers robust protection at 560mm overall height to protect against vehicles and equipment which operate at a similar height.

This fully modular system can be used with Bollards and Pedestrian Rail products for a fully-integrated traffic management and protection system.

Non-scratch, non-corrosive and non-repaint, these properties save companies large amounts on manpower, downtime and maintenance. Include the flexible, reformative nature of the barrier, which prevents floor damage, and you have a health and safety investment that offers a fast and enduring return on investment.

Traffic iFlex Barrier

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts at low-levels from vehicles such as counterbalance forklift trucks, the Traffic iFlex Barrier is designed with the standard wheel arch impact height in mind. Highly-visible, resilient and low maintenance, the barrier will protect vehicles and machinery and segregate pedestrians from workplace traffic.

An in-built modularity assists easy install and quick repairs and multi-directional posts allow the system to fit more economically into any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

New hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive environments and the non-scratch, non-corrosive, non-repaint properties of the system create huge costs savings on maintenance, downtime and manpower.

The high-visibility barriers will organise and streamline a facility, optimise productivity and make prevention of accidents a priority.

Armco Barrier

The common myth about Armco is that it is a certain strength barrier which can't be bettered. In actual fact, 'Armco' was merely a brand name, and could be applied to even the weakest steel barrier - misleading some people who may have thought they'd purchased the industry leader.

A-SAFE's Armco Barrier is a heavy duty barrier that protects against impact from large workplace vehicles and forklift trucks. It's a product that comes in traditional grey, rather than A-SAFE's usual yellow and, unlike steel barriers, flexes upon impact so it does not tear up from the floor.

Over a five year period the carbon footprint of 100m of A-SAFE Armco Barrier is 4.5X less than the carbon footprint of an equal length steel Armco barrier.

Armco Double-Rail Barrier

The fully-modular Armco Double-Rail Barrier is a stronger version of the Single Rail product, offering heavy duty protection for all kinds of workplaces, including factories, warehouses and car parks.

As standard, the product post centres are 1,600mm but this can be varied between 850mm - 2,000mm to allow sections to be assembled to any required length. The product has an overall height of 760mm with the two horizontal rails having impact height centres of 300mm and 660mm.

Like the Single Rail version the Armco Double-Rail Barrier can be fitted with Bollard End Post assemblies for improved impact protection at the ends of a barrier section and also to allow the barrier to change direction without leaving barrier ends exposed to impacts.

Atlas Mast & Column Protector

The Atlas Barrier polygons provide heavy duty impact protection and are designed to protect airport floodlight towers, masts and columns.

Key airport structures such as masts, columns and floodlights should be fully protected against airside vehicles that may otherwise inflict impact damage and cause costly periods of down-time.

The Atlas Mast & Column Protector is not just flexible in its performance, it's also flexible in its construction and can be manufactured to any appropriate shape to protect a mast from all sides.

Atlas Triangle

The Atlas Triangle Barrier provides heavy-duty impact protection and was designed primarily for protection of baggage hall entrance and exit doorways by funnelling vehicles through doorway openings.

All six posts are fitted with 225mm OD rotating wear collars to provide enhanced impact absorption and deflection properties. The two horizontal side rails have impact height centres of 310mm and 660mm.

The Atlas Triangle Barrier's strength and rigidity comes from the equilateral triangular shape. A triangle is the only shape that cannot be deformed without changing the length of one of its sides. As the side lengths of the Atlas Triangle are fixed it cannot be easily or readily deformed, even under impact conditions.


Like the Atlas Barrier, the Atlas+ can be used internally or externally and is able to withstand forceful impact from airport vehicles.

This version of the barrier comes complete with the Hand Rail attachment, which makes it ideal for pedestrian/vehicle segregation, while also providing guidance and walkways for pedestrians in airside areas. Spinning collars are included to allow the force of any vehicle impact to deflect away.


Bollards are implemented in many different workplaces and are used extensively in industrial, commercial, public and car park environments. 

Bollards are normally used to protect structures, prevent unauthorised or unsafe access or for vehicle and pedestrian guidance. They can be installed in situations where they need to protect against vehicle impact, prevent impact damage or where they simply need to provide a physical presence for access or guidance control.

A-SAFE produce a number of strengths of flexible bollard, with varying appearances for differing benefits. We also manufacture a hooped bollard, which comes in a range of colours. These are highly-visible so vehicle drivers and pedestrians can easily see where they are permitted, or not permitted, to go.

A-SAFE Bollards provide high impact resistance in situations where vehicles are present.

Car Park Barrier

A-SAFE's flexible Car Park Barriers are excellent options for new or refurbished car parks and offer greater benefits than traditional steel barriers.

A-SAFE barriers will not damage a car if they are bumped and will not fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight as they are UV-resistant and have an incredibly high ignition point.

Vitally, A-SAFE Car Park Barriers are modular which mean they can be efficiently used in conjunction with a number of other A-SAFE barriers such asBollards and Pedestrian Barriers.

The standard colour for Car Park Barrier is grey, but we can accommodate all colours to help assist with the different aesthetics of contemporary car park design.

Available with anti-climb meshing and column-mounted versions, A-SAFE can provide a total solution for your modern car park safety.

Dock Roller

The Dock Roller from A-SAFE is the best and most revolutionary loading dock protection on the market.

Developed to give you the ultimate in protection and cost-savings from damage by HGVs, it works differently than standard dock buffers, in that you don't get friction or wear on the product and your structure takes a lot less impact using the roller system.

The Dock Roller has a high impact polymer outer and a shock absorbing inner layer. When parked vehicles move, due to the change in loading weight, the rollers ‘move’ too. Therefore the product doesn't get damaged by friction like other dock bumpers and lessens the chance of repair costs and structural damage.

Height Restrictor

Height Restrictors are part of the door protection product range and have two main functions: doorway opening edge protection and height restriction for prevention of high-level impact damage.

Where there is a risk of high level impact with overhead pipe bridges, cable trays, air or gas supply lines, ventilation ducts from high vehicles, high vehicle loads or fork lift truck masts the Height Restrictors will prevent disruptive and expensive impact damage, as well as warning a vehicle driver that his vehicle or load is too high.

At A-SAFE we are able to manufacture these to a range of heights and they are highly visible to vehicle drivers. The curved edges help to deflect impact away from the building structure. Where doorways are fitted with roller shutter doors the height restrictors ensure that the roller shutter door channels at the doorway sides and the closed door itself at the top of the doorway are protected against costly damage that can be caused by vehicle or load impacts.

Kerb Barrier

Kerb Barrier is a floor mounted product that has a low centre of gravity, enabling it to stop workplace vehicles hitting goods or machinery.  

The vehicle kerb defines the edges of traffic routes to prevent vehicles straying and withstands the shallow angular impacts that some vehicles can cause. 

Giving floor level protection, the Kerb Barriers reduce the maintenance and repair costs associated with impact damage that can be caused to walls, structures and equipment. 

Lift Gate

Our Lift Gate is a great solution where a large gate is needed, but where there isn't enough space to install a Swing Gate.

Originally a bespoke product, the gate proved to be so successful it quickly became part of our standard range and is ideal for environments where large vehicles operate and segregation is needed.

The Lift Gate complements other A-SAFE products and is an ideal fit where a Swing Gate may cause an obstruction, or there simply isn't enough room.

Sign Boards

In any industrial workplace busy pedestrian areas are always important as they usually carry safety warnings and instructions, especially where there is segregation between traffic and pedestrians. 

A-SAFE can create integrated signboards for our safety barrier systems; the most common being HandrailsPedestrian Barriers and Traffic Barrier Plus. Upright arms ensure any type of signage can be carried.

Slide Gate

Slide Gates are mainly used with Pedestrian Barriers but are compatible with most barrier systems by using an interface post. They can also be used as a stand-alone gate.

The gates are ideal for light vehicle access and the standard sizes are 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm although any size is available up to 2,000mm. They can be installed in pairs to give openings to a maximum of 4,000mm. Monkey tail bolts can be used to secure gates in an open or closed position. Gate locks are also available.

Choosing a Slide Gate eliminates the problem of a larger gate swinging into an area of vehicle activity. The gates can also be fitted seamlessly into a run ofA-SAFE Pedestrian Barriers.

Slider Base Plates

Slider base plates allow runs of iFlex barrier to be removed for access purposes.

By only fixing the cast steel base plates to the floor, rather than the barriers, the barriers themselves are able to slide out of position.

This method means areas where access is required, but protection for expensive equipment or vital structures is essential, can still be easily entered whilst retaining their protected properties.

Slider base plates come in two sizes, to fit A-SAFE Pedestrian and Traffic barriers.

Traffic Ground Level Barrier

The Traffic Ground Level Barrier will offer robust protection at close to ground level.

It is designed with forklift forks in mind and is the ideal way to avoid unnecessary damage to your workplace structures. 

A neat and tidy barrier that is highly visible and modular, it will deflect light knocks away from the application it is protecting without becoming damaged.

Trailer Plate

The Trailer Plate from A-SAFE offers a cost effective solution to warehouse yard repairs caused by the constant movement of trailer support legs.

If your concrete is degrading, or you simply want to protect the floor in your yard or dock area, A-SAFE Trailer Plates are your solution. 

A-SAFE Trailer Plates are available in two sizes and are produced from MemaplexTM, meaning that they are extremely tough, don’t rust or corrode and can be either surface-mounted or recessed. By protecting your concrete, you're protecting your bank balance too by avoiding unnecessary repairs caused by gradual damage over time.



The TruckStop is our latest vehicle stopper, specially designed for use with HGVs and other large vehicles.

It prevents vehicle drivers backing up beyond designated stop points and safely brings them to a halt. Five fixings per unit ensure secure fastening on both concrete and tarmac. TruckStop is made from recycled rubber in the UK by A-SAFE.

Tough, durable and cushioning, TruckStop's high visibility markings mean that it can be clearly seen by drivers and pedestrians.

Wall Buffer

In areas where vehicles are mainly propelled by hand or are powered and operated by pedestrians, impacts with walls, structural surfaces, machinery or goods can easily happen. 

These impacts are unlikely to cause severe damage but can leave dents, scratches or scuff marks on surfaces, cause equipment to break down or require replacement of stock. These impacts have repair or replacement costs which add up over time.

The length of A-SAFE's Wall Buffer can easily be adapted to fit any space. It's durable, resilient and highly visible. Wall Buffers only take up a small surface area as, in many instances, there are space or width limitations in the areas or locations where they are used. Wall Buffers are a cost effective way of maintaining the appearance of structures and surfaces and are easily cleaned to remove signs of impact.

Wheel Guide

This Wheel Guide is a perfect fit for low level protection and works as a guide for trucks and vehicles towards loading bay doors. 

A-SAFE manufacture this from a single 200mm rail with an impact height of 112mm. The product's standard post centres are 1.6m and it has an overall height of 212mm. 

The barrier offers guidance for vehicles that need to line up to a doorway or opening. Tough, durable and flexible - when these barriers are impacted they don't buckle or dent but absorb the impact forces and simply reform to their original shape.

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