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MANTRA Learning

Mantra Learning has been a specialist provider of training and development for the logistics sector for over 40 years. We deliver a blend of apprenticeships, work based learning programmes and short practical skills courses to employers and individuals throughout the North West. Mantra boasts high quality training facilities at our sites in Manchester and Warrington.

The philosophy at Mantra is to provide people from all walks of life with practical skills and knowledge, enabling them to impact on business. We seek to raise the level of skills and professionalism in the sectors in which we operate in order to improve competitiveness in world markets and provide an attractive and rewarding career path for talented people. We also believe that quality training can have a beneficial impact on the health and safety of everyone working in and affected by these sectors.

At our last OFSTED inspection we were rated 'good' with many exceptionally good and strong features, which confirmed the high standard of education we provide for our learners. 

Training and Development

Mantra Learning delivers competency based qualifications and apprenticeships that are assessed in the workplace. They have been designed to meet the needs of logistics employers and to deliver a tangible return on investment.

Logistics Operations

Your supervisors and team leaders will be trained to lead and develop others to make warehouse processes smoother, safer and more efficient.

Warehousing and Storage

Your staff will be trained to make warehouse processes smoother, safer and more efficient - driving your business forward.

Traffic Office

Your staff will develop first class organisational and planning skills - vital to the efficiency of your logistics operation.

Driving Goods Vehicles

Your drivers will develop first rate driving skills - becoming the only type of driver your business can afford to employ.


Your senior staff will be skilled, properly trained and motivated to succeed in management positions.

Customer Service

Your staff will be prepared to deliver first class customer service - distinguishing your organisation from its competitors.

Here you can download videos, literature and white papers originated by MANTRA Learning. Note that these items may open in other windows or take you to another website.

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