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Interroll is one of the world’s leading specialists within the field of materials handling, logistics and automation. Wherever goods have to be conveyed, stored or distributed, Interroll offers cutting edge technology and dynamic storage solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Dynamic storage provides decisive advantages with many tangible benefits, resulting in a quick return on investments.

Both Interroll carton and pallet storage + picking solutions offer maximum flexibility and efficiencies to store fast turnover stock, with accurate FIFO or LIFO flow of products. These space saving compact systems have found applications in all sectors of industry including automobile, electronics, shipment of toys, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics distribution, construction materials, food and drinks distribution, etc.

The Interroll range of dynamic products is compatible with racking and shelving systems from virtually every leading manufacturer. They are specifically designed, tried and tested to handle the live storage of cartons and pallets, requiring minimum maintenance and can operate in any environment from -28C to +35C.

Carton Versi Flow

Interroll Carton Versi Flow offers an ideal solution to create a quick, easy and economical installation in order to optimise on storage space and order processing. This versatile modular wheel system, supplied in pre-assembled beds, is designed to simply and quickly convert most pallet rack structures into dynamic, versatile carton flow storage.

Carton Wheel Flow

It doesn’t matter whether you want to feed fast movers in trays, cartons or hard plastic totes to the stock-picking zone in a First-In-First-Out configuration, Interroll’s Carton Wheel Flow system offers a wide range of configurations and components to implement most storage systems and can be used in conjunction with conveyors, automatic stacker cranes - or to support a "Pick to Light" system.

Pallet Roller Flow - FIFO

The new Pallet Roller Flow system incorporates innovative technology and provides even greater safety for operatives and a high quality FIFO (First-In-First-Out) live storage system that offers flexibility and efficiency in warehousing. Interroll roller modules are compatible with all world wide racking systems and offer the possibility to store a wide range of pallets sizes and weights, including Euro pallets, CHEP pallets, plastic pallets and metallic containers, etc. with high throughput.

Cart Pushback - LIFO

The Interroll Cart Pushback system is easy to use and designed for storing pallets and containers on heavy-duty carts equipped with wheels, in LIFO (Last-In-Last-Out) configuration. During loading, the pallet to be loaded pushes any other pallets already stored in the lane towards the back and the forklift truck driver does not need to enter the storage lanes to store or access product.

Roller Pushback - LIFO

The Roller Pushback system allows the storage of pallets in LIFO configuration (Last-In-First-Out). Roller Pushback solutions are available from 2 to 9 pallet places deep. The entry/exit module is equipped with speed controllers so that the speed of pallets is always under control. Contrary to the Cart Pushback system, Roller Pushback allows the pallets to be stored lengthwise (depth of 1,200mm).

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