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Chess Logistics Technology specialises in warehouse management software and integrated real time technology. Our solutions help deliver efficiency and cost control in your warehouse to increase the competitiveness of your business. We'll help you to move and store goods with accuracy, capture and use data easily and benefit from wireless communication for real time productivity.

We've specialised in logistics software solutions for over twenty years, gaining experience in wholesale, retail, manufacturing and 3PL sectors. We've worked widely with customers handling foods, beverages, consumer goods and industrial products.

We place emphasis on working as a partnership and doing things properly from the start. We'll work with you to deliver a planned, managed and supported implementation so you achieve maximum benefit in the least time. Our experienced and professional approach to implementation will guarantee sound operational results and a rapid return on investment.

Empirica Lite

An effective Warehouse Management System for controlling palletised or item stock in small to medium warehouses. It's a non-complex entry-level module, with integral reporting and full traceability, offering essential WMS functionality in an easily usable form. The system can be enhanced by add-on features or upgraded easily to Empirica WMS for an advanced solution.

Empirica WMS

A powerful and flexible solution for large single or multi-site warehouses. It provides highly configurable receipt, despatch and stock management options with reporting and traceability and handles multiple operational variances. It's fully integrated with real time functionality including voice directed, and benefits from a range of extra reporting modules.

Empirica Task-RF

A real time task management and scheduling module which uses wireless mobile computing technology (handheld, vehicle, voice directed) to generate major improvements to work performance in your warehouse. Task-RF can be used with Empirica WMS and Empirica Lite.

Empirica Voice

Uses wireless technology to communicate messages between a WMS and warehouse operatives. User-wearable devices with specialist voice software convert these to voice commands to allow tasks to be performed, while verbal user responses are converted by the voice software into messages sent back to the WMS.

Empirica Enabler

The easy way for existing ERP users to integrate real time technology into their warehouse operation. Enabler converts system instructions to tasks and sends them via wireless to mobile or voice enabled devices so tasks can be executed and confirmed in real time. Enabler needs no complex analysis and will integrate with most systems via its own interface tools.

Empirica EDIS

A mobile delivery information solution which integrates real time data capture with advanced reporting systems. Your delivery personnel use PDA's to record delivery information which updates a host based reporting system. This allows you to manage and monitor delivery activity, provide exception reporting and use real time data to improve performance and customer service.

Empirica Mobile

A development framework for Windows mobile applications. Self contained and hardware independent, it provides what you need to develop and operate mobile applications. Its advanced features manage business logic and communications, with automated data transmission, communications selection and software updating.

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