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Warehouse Technology Group events offers wide appeal to logistics consumers

Warehouse Technology Group events offers wide appeal to logistics consumers

The Warehouse Technology Group (WTG) has enjoyed a successful year during 2012, expanding its membership and hosting two successful events.

The Warehouse Technology Group (WTG) has enjoyed a successful year during 2012, expanding its membership and hosting two successful events which attracted professionals from across the logistics industry.

The WTG comprises 19 leading suppliers of technology and equipment to the logistics sector, and is committed to the ongoing development of technology to improve standards of productivity and efficiency across the industry. Each member company has provided its products and expertise for use in the Logistics Innovation and Research Centre (LRIC) in Middleton, Manchester.

The two events, in May and October, brought together more than 200 logistics professionals to hear about the latest industry developments and network with potential suppliers. The events also gave WTG partners the chance to showcase their products including one of its new partners, Codeway, who exhibited its automatic two-side pallet labelling machine and a range of RFID system solutions.

October's event focused on 'Innovation in Logistics' and featured a keynote presentation from Unipart Logistics' Head of Supply Chain Innovation, Anand Lakhani. Taking place at LRIC, the event generated considerable visitor interest, as well as some spin off benefits for member companies.

The success of the events highlights the growing prominence of the WTG as an industry group whose events represent a departure from current industry offerings. Unlike the traditional trade show or sales-led speed-date events, WTG open days are informal sessions which focus on 'show and tell' and offer relaxed, impartial advice to help industry professionals make informed purchasing decisions.

Further events will soon be announced for 2013, which will also take place at the LRIC and utilise the centre's wide range of facilities and equipment to illustrate the continuing technological developments being made for the industry by the Group's partners.

As an operational 20k sq ft. warehouse, LRIC is a multi-functional centre designed to test new products, teach experienced logistics workers new skills and give new participants the skills they need.

It provides a realistic commercial warehouse setting where different technologies interact and can be tested and proved by both experienced and novice learners handling and storing live freight. Used extensively by work-based learning provider Mantra Learning, it allows practical workplace scenarios to be created for vocational training courses provided to public and private enterprises.

While the WTG's principal aims are to promote the use of technology through advice and practical guidance, membership has proved beneficial to a number of partners. Some of these, including Interroll, RediGroup and Troax have reported sales successes following contacts made at earlier WTG events. Networking between partners has also proved beneficial and led to the formation of new relationships such as that between high speed industrial door manufacturer Union Industries and industrial panel and automation protection specialist, Troax.

Phil Culling, Chairman of RediGroup and co-founder of the Warehouse Technology Group, said: "WTG is an amazing group of manufacturers and suppliers that demonstrate a broad range of solutions in logistics. The group provides a great arena for the companies involved and keeps their engineers and sales professionals fully-informed of the latest industry developments.

"We have enjoyed a very good year and the group is growing in prominence across the industry. The LRIC is a fantastic hub for the WTG and highlights the best in technology the sector has to offer.

"Our bi-annual open days and exhibitions are becoming better attended each time and provide a useful forum for discussion and networking. The most recent event was very successful and I would strongly advise anyone involved in logistics and the supply chain to take the time to attend the next event in 2013."

The Warehouse Technology Group (WTG)

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